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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Halloween HST Quilt Part 2

It has been a crazy, busy week!  Part of the week was spent sourcing fabrics, quilt patterns, designing quilts and presenting them to a wonderful neighbor who has asked me to make a quilt for her grandson.  Talk about loving what you do and getting paid for it!

I finally got some undisturbed sewing time in yesterday and today.  I was able to work on my HST Halloween quilt.

There are two blocks in the quilt, a pinwheel and a diamond.  Here is a photo.

The nesting technique to get the points to match is the best way for me.  I seamed the

two top pieces together, then the two bottom pieces.  I pressed those seams going in different directions and then seamed the top to the bottom.  I pressed this seam open to reduce some of the bulk where the points come together.

Here are photos of the completed top:

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