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Monday, September 2, 2013

Halloween HST Quilt Part 1

I wanted to make a fairly simple Halloween quilt to give away to some family.  Something that wouldn't take too long, but would look like maybe it had.  On the flight back from Salt Lake City, I used the program on my iPad to come up with this quilt pattern.

I have several charm packs that I bought while on sale a couple of months ago.  I had two charm packs of Moda Pumpkin Party and Bella solids in black.  So this is what I came up with.
Open the two charm packs of Pumpkin Party and sort into a pile of purple and black; another of the orange and gray.   There are 4 white spider web charm squares.  I put two of this one in each pile, so that each pile had 42 charms squares.  There will be no waste, so be careful when sewing and cutting.
Take two charm packs of Bella Solid black.  Down the center from corner to corner, mark a line with white chalk.  With the chalk mark on top, place a black solid charm square on top of the right side of each of the charm squares from the Pumpkin Party piles.
Sew down each side of the white chalk line 1/4" away from the chalk line.  Like sew...(hehehe)
I chain pieced mine and had piles like this...looks like Halloween!

After chain piecing, cut the thread between each of the two squares sewn together with right sides together.  Then cut on the chalk mark, 1/4" away from the seam on one side.
Since I used black thread, I actually turned mine over and cut 1/4" away and down the middle from one of the seams.
Now, your pile will look like this:
Take these to the ironing board, set the seams by pressing them and then press open with the seam going toward the black. 
Square up to 4 1/2"...
Mine looked like this when I was done.  Look at all those trimmings!

This is the layout of the quilt I have come up with on my design wall.  With the gray and black prints mixed in, it looks a bit different than the pattern in my iPad - I do like it!
 I will post more later.  I have to pause at this point to finish longarm quilting my granddaughter's Owlivia quilt, bind it, make binding for my husband's Winter Soltice quilt, and make the backing for the Cuzco quilt (that is still a secret - can't show it yet).
Plus it is now September so I've got some BOM's to do!  (That's why I wanted something fairly quick and easy.)

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