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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Big Finish for 2013!

2013 is almost gone.  It honestly flew by for me.  This is the year that I fell into the blogging world.  A wonderful place where quilters share lots of ideas, tutorials, inspiration, thoughts, blocks, fabric stashes, books, patterns, photos and a piece of themselves.  A big, giving community that I have become enamored with.  Addicted to because we share the same passion.  My tastes have changed over the past year with ROY G BIV being one of my latest and greatest loves.

2014 is almost here.  I look forward to it!  My resolution is to use up a lot of the fabric lines that I have stashed.  I have big plans for most if not all of them; but time is a limited asset for me.  I have purchased the borders, the backing, strips for these quilts in my head.  Another is to finish the quilts I have started.  (Thank goodness for FAL's!)  Yeah, I took the quiz in Quilty magazine and I am mainly a "Finisher".  Hah!  Bits of the others, too.  If you haven't seen the magazine, it is one of my favorites.

Now, here is the finished, washed, dried Easy as ABC quilt.  Please click on the link to go to Blossom Heart Quilts.  Alyce is awesome!  I started doing quilt alongs this year and have totally enjoyed them even though in some I am behind.  But not too worry, after all I am a "finisher"!

Here is the front:

Close up:

Closer up of the quilting (E2E ABC/123 pattern in King Tut - Temple):

The striped black and white binding along with the Spot On Wide backing:

I love it! 

Without the support and love of my dear husband, I could not do all the things that I do.  Today is our 17th Anniversary!  Gotta dash because we are going out to dinner.

Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year!


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