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Monday, January 6, 2014

1st Quarter 2014 FAL

Yes, I am one of those people - the kind that tries to squeeze just one more in under the deadline.  I realize the deadline is Jan. 8, but not going to make it.  That is okay.  Too many other things going on.

Here is what is going on the list:

Swoon Good Fortune King Size Quilt
We need this one for our bed!  I have yet to make a quilt for our bed (gasp!) and this one is it.  Each block takes a while to make so I tend to procrastinate.  I do love a quick quilt for instant gratification.
Craftsy BOM 2013 Quilt

This is just one block of several that I have made.  I am putting off the BOM that involves appliqueing a handle on a basket of flowers (also applique).  I like applique, but baskets are just not my thing (right now anyway).  Gotta finish this one!
Architexture Tula Pink BOM Quilt

I need 64 blocks to make the lap sized Trellis Quilt in TP's book.  I have all the fabric I need.  Definitely needs to be finished!
Sugarloaf Quilt
I am practicing on my FMQ with my longarm on this one.  I put this one off because digital quilting patterns turn out so perfect while my freehand, custom ones - well, they suck.  Yes.  Um hum. (Perfectionists, you know it.)  Practicing will help with that, so that is what I am doing.  Allowing myself to make mistakes, too.  Right now, ruler work is what I am practicing and I find that it is enjoyable for me.
Tula Pink 100 Modern Quilt Blocks Quilt



I do have 40 of these done, really I do!  I will be lucky if I get another 40 done this quarter.  I need 100 to make the quilt.  So, not expecting to get this one done.  I LOVE the blocks and the quilt, just not going to rush it.
Glimma Quilt
This poor baby keeps getting pushed further and further to the end of the list.  : (.  Don't think I will be getting this one done, either.  I changed the size of the block and forgot to write it down.  Doh!  So every time I go to make a block (didn't precut all the fabric, either) I have to reinvent the wheel. Last set of blocks I made, did write it down, though.  I keep putting it off.  My infatuation with Glimma has waned?
Started 4th Q but not on list:
King size Orange Peel Quilt for my SIL and daughter made with Sunshine Clover, Corsage and Streamers by Alison Glass.  Oh, I am having fun with this one!  Will I get it done 1st Q?  Probably not.
Not Started but want to get done 1st Q 2014:
Bluebird Park Quilt
The pattern is from Spring 2014 Quick Quilts called A Bushel and a Peck by Emily Bailey.  This is for my dear husband (Valentine's Day)!
Vintage Quilt Revival Block Along
 I love this book!  And I love my Tula Pink Acacia fat quarters with coordinating solids.  I have been searching for the right quilt to make with these and when I saw Sukie's Block Along with one of my favorite quilt books, well, you know it!  If you don't have the book Vintage Quilt Revival, I highly recommend it!  It even has a DVD of the paper piecing patterns.
Gypsy Wife Block of the Month
I signed up for this ~  Gypsy Wife Block of the Month with Intrepid Thread in the Calm colorway.   Crazy?  Yes.  I have been lusting after Jen Kingswell's pattern for some time.  Jumping down the rabbit hole!
Lazy Sunday Quilt
One of my New Year's resolutions is to use up the fabric that I have stashed.  Or at least a good portion of it.  I bought quite a few charm squares and layer cakes on a couple of good sales that I need to use!  One is Noteworthy by Sweetwater.  I cut up the layer cake last night so it is already to go.  The pattern is one from May Chappell.
Fresh Quilt King Size
 I have a layer cake AND a charm pack of Simply Style.  Which actually is a good thing because I want to make Camille Roskelley's Fresh Quilt from the book Simply Retro.  Will I get it done this Q?  Probably not.

I am in the process of coming up with a quilt to make with Sunnyside charm packs by Kate Spain.  There is a lap quilt to make for donation to the annual Fur Ball with Summersville Spring jelly roll.  A lap quilt with Lottie Da jelly roll and a Hashtag quilt with Happy Go Lucky.  Plus the Ballerina Quilt (by Jaybird Quilts) out of Modern Bliss.  I may be making a Baby Girl quilt, too.
That about wraps it up!  (Whew!)  Linking up to Katy at the Littlest Thistle.


  1. I love the look of your Architextures Tula quilt - great idea! I just finished my 100 blocks and I found that by spending a day cutting all the fabric I could just pull out a block when I had a few minutes free! Good luck with your other goals (loving the Glimma quilt too).

  2. Wow !!you do have a lot on you sound like me, love your ruler work.

  3. You have a lot of beautiful projects here! Looking forward to finishing along with you.

  4. Lots of lovely progjects here. I like the Glimma quilt, but I do know what you mean when you say you've fallen out of love with it. Maybe finish it and give it to a charity. Looking forward to finishing along with you.

  5. I have a quilting practice top on my list too, glad to hear I'm not alone! Funnily enough it's in Glimma lol

  6. What a great list of projects! I'm going to check out that Gypsy Wife BOM :)