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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sunday Stash #13 Diet No More

Now that my fabric diet is over, I have some lovely additions to my stash.  These were delivered to my door last week -  Tula Pink's Nest fabrics.  I found an online fabric store that actually has some in stock and they are actually priced at the usual going rate.  I love the coral and dark pink one so much, I am going to order some more.  Interestingly, this Tula Pink line is from Moda.

I also came home to find that this wonderful book had been delivered!

There are a few patterns in this one I'd like to make.  There is one that I will use my Tula Pink Nest layer cake with.  Excited!  Here is where you can get this book.

To finish my Acacia Vintage Quilt Revival quilt and my Craftsy Tula Pink Mystery quilt, I ordered more fabric.  I got that this week, too.  

Fox Field on the left and the middle and right fabrics are from the Acacia line.  Both are from Tula Pink.

The saying goes that whoever dies with the most fabric wins!  Well, I think there is a winner already. Or at least the bar has been set up so very high!  A local quilt shop has taken on the task of selling the fabric hoard stash of a woman who recently passed away.  When I went in the shop to look around, I found out that the shop had sold slightly under 10,000 yards of fabric (at $4.00 yard) and that was about HALF of what the woman had in her stash.  The money collected is being donated to the Maryland Children's Hospital, so a very worthy cause.  There were bundles sorted in piles of boxes, boxes and boxes to be dug through.  I found some great black and white fabrics.  And I also found these...

Yep, in the middle of a black and white fat quarter bundle were these two babies.  I love this fabric from the Architextures line!  

I also found some Liberty of London fabric.  When I was wrapping it around the comic board backer, I thought it looked so familiar.  And voile!  It is the same pattern as one of my favorite shirts; just different colors.

I also got two yards of this fabric.  It is a lawn or voile of some sort.  There is no name or identification on the selvage.  This will make a darling little girl dress.

Here's what I worked on yesterday and today:

Cut into my stash of Kate Spain's Terrain.  Gorgeous colors!  This will be a birthday gift to a very special person.

And ending with a picture of the best cat trap ever!

Linking up now with Molli Sparkles Sunday Stash!  What's in your stash?


  1. I think the unidentified fabric is Liberty of London as well, maybe their Mirabelle print? Nice stashings, can't believe the deals you got, but dying with that much unused fabric is sad. I hope I get to play with all mine!

  2. You are so right, the pink and coral Tula Pink fabric is amazing!

  3. Tula Pink worked for Moda before she moved on to West Minister fabrics.
    You really got some neat fabrics!

  4. Where did you find the nest? I'd love to buy some :-) Great stashing!! -madfabriholic at gmail dot com

  5. Yikes, how many rooms did she have devoted to fabric! Beautiful choices all around.