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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Week #4 Vintage Quilt Revival Block Along

So far, I am keeping up with the Vintage Quilt Revival Block Along with Amy over at Sukie Don't Ya Know.  This weeks blocks were paper pieced.

Dakota Star Block -

Yes, those points in the center were a little tricky!

Riviera Block -

And yes, those points in the center were tricky on this one, too!  Not perfect on this one.  Is it enough to be a RE-DO, though?  I mean, on a galloping horse, no.  But...I don't look at quilts on a galloping horse.  I don't even own a horse.

Here is a picture of all the blocks together.  I am thinking some more of the warmer colors in the Acacia line need to be incorporated.

Linking up with Sukie Don't Ya Know.

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