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Friday, February 7, 2014

Catitude on a Friday!

Here is one of my favorite lines (lately) of fabric all finished up in a quilt.  The line is Cat Nap by Lizzy House.  The pattern can be found here on Andover Fabrics' website.  I made this quilt for a dear family that almost lost one of their kitties.  They are cat lovers and I thought this would be so appropriate for them.  Named the quilt "Catitude".  The family has no idea (unless my dear husband let the cat out of the bag - hehe) that they are getting this quilt.  It will be sent to them on Monday.  I do hope they don't follow my blog!

This is after the quilt has been washed and dried.  If you have this line, DEF use a color catcher!  Even in cold water on a delicate setting, the color catcher did it's job and snatched up some color bleed.

Here is the back of the quilt done up in two of my favs:

Close up:

I am in love with the mice, especially on the bike!  The sunflowers, cats, fish, butterflies, birds are just so darn adorable!

The allover, edge to edge quilt pattern is one with cats and paw prints done in King Tut White Linen cotton thread.  The batting used is Quilter's Dream 100 % cotton in deluxe weight which is a tad loftier than the usual.  Perfect for this chilly weather we have been having lately!

Another close up of the quilting:

Can you see the cat and paw in the quilting?  I am embroidering the quilt label now to go on the quilt.  I name and label all my quilts with the date, who they were made for and my name.  

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  1. Hello Julie! I appreciate your visit to my blog and wanted to send you a reply, but you are a no reply blogger. Glad I tracked you down! What a gorgeous Catitude quilt! Those are some sweet fabrics and you did a lovely job of the quilting. What a wonderful gift!

    1. Hi Lorna! Thanks for letting me know that I am a 'no reply blogger'. Uhg! I have made changes and hopefully it is fixed now.

  2. I am loving the cat fabrics! Great choices!

  3. The mice are cute, indeed! (Especially on a quilt named Catitude!) A fine Friday finish. :)
    Carole, from Fresh off the Frame