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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Lucky Pinwheels Quilt

All weekend, thanks to tropical storm Andrea, I have been working on a quilt that I have named Lucky Pinwheels.  It is a pattern by Jaybird Quilts (Julie Herman) called "Carnival".  I used the Lazy Angle ruler designed by Lazy Girl Designs (Joan Hawley).  Both the pattern and ruler are very cool!  I will be using the ruler again to make an autumn quilt - hopefully THIS year!

Here is a picture of a stack on some that have been ironed along with a stack of ones I'd just finished chain piecing.  It is a happy, bright, colorful stack!

And here is a picture of my 1st quality inspector in the sun. (When we did get some sun this weekend.)  He's making sure that I square up the pieces just so...

 A picture of the pieced back...

(Bright and cheery!)
 And a picture of my second quality control inspector making sure I got all the wrinkles out of the quilt sandwich...

(He's personally pressing it for me.)
This quilt is going to be given away, so I am not going to post anymore pictures until I have given it to the special person!  I have been wanting to make her a quilt for a long time with this line of fabrics and I finally did it.  She loved another quilt that I made a couple of years ago in a similar pattern with the same fabrics.  So I hope she likes this one!  (I don't think she follows my blog, but I'm not sure.)
I am excited to start quilting it as I already have what I want to do in mind, which doesn't always happen for me.  Sometimes I have to stare and think, look at books, put it off for awhile and end up usually just jumping in feet first.  Sometimes it works, sometimes not.
I will post more pictures later.

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