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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

WIP Wednesday Sewing up a Mess!

Okay, this week has been another crazy one.  (But I DO crazy for some reason.)  For you accountant/payroll types, you know that 1Q 2014 tax filings are due by today.  Fun stuff!  Yeah, um hum.  On top of that, I had 34 scrub tops to embroider with names, etc.  34.  THAT really cut into my quilting time!  And my sewing room is a mess.

But when I did get a chance to get some sewing in, I worked on this baby:

Yes, Tula Pink's Mystery Quilt workshop on Craftsy.  The fabric is her Fox Fields line.  I have half of it sewn together.  It has been trickier than I thought to sew the diagonal rows together.  It is a good sized quilt!  (About 70" x 80")  I had to bring my other design wall down from upstairs to fit all the blocks on.  A border to add to the size so it will fit a double or queen sized bed?  Hmmmmm...

I did get some black and white striped binding sewn together for my wall hanging from Sew Lux Fabric.

 Hope to have that done by Friday!

A pillow top pieced together to go with my Acacia Vintage Quilt Revival quilt.  This is a giant X & + pattern that is featured on Lily's Quilts by Sonia at Fabric and Flowers.  There was some extra fabric cut off of the corner pieces, so I made these...

I need a couple more pillows, so these will be incorporated.  No waste!

Linking up now with Lee over at Freshly Pieced.  What did you sew this week?!


  1. So much of my sewing ends up trickier than I thought ~ not sure what that says about me ;-) THIRTY-FOUR scrubs to embroider?! Mercy!!
    I'm liking your Tula Pink block. And it's great that you'll have a pillow practically make itself with your trimmings :-)

  2. Loving all the Tula! That pillow is gonna be gorgeous...not to mention the quilt. Can't wait to see them finished :)